[ENG] SPCS(Sori Percussion Call for Scores) 2021

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until KST 2021.04.25.(Sun)




Q1 : Please explain the detailed process of SPCS.

A1 : We are looking for new pieces, not one that you have already composed. The excerpt should be up to 3 minutes in length. After the rounds have been completed, we will then ask for the whole piece.

If you are selected for the first round, SP and the composer will have a "reading session" together virtually, and musicians will then make a sample video of 3 minutes. Using this sample, we then select the final piece. If you are selected, you have until the end of July to complete your work.

Q2 : Can I use live-electronic music?

A2 : Yes, you can. It should be submitted in a simple format, 'fixed media Tape for stereo'. If you have a click, please submit it together. If you are selected in the 1st round, our performers will conduct the reading session here in Korea. So it might be difficult to have more than 2 channels and live-electronics in this COVID19 situation. However, if you are selected in the 2nd round as a finalist, we can talk about the possibility of extending the electronic music part.

Q3 : Can performers move around holding musical instruments on stage?

A3 : Yes, it is possible for performers to move around with their hand-carried-instrument.

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